Ideas for Catering Decorations

 Catering decorations are excellent for home parties, weddings, birthday celebrations and business gatherings. It brings out the best of our creative skills. We can find ways to place the buffet table to serve food to our guests, and arrange the furniture in an organized manner for a spacious dining area so people will be able to freely pick the food, drinks and cutlery to serve themselves. Aside from that, we can apply catering decorations to add more life to the ambiance.

You love to create memories through every occasion for you and your guests. Your aim is to come up with an unforgettable moment, comprised of great food and awesome catering decorations to make the vibe and mood more cheerful. 

Hiring a catering service

If you plan to hire someone to make catering, like Las Vegas’s #1 catering service: Inferno Catering decorations for your convenience, you can discuss your ideas to the caterer and work with them when it comes to chair covers, custom centerpieces, other arrangements and accessories. This can help the catering service provide the mood and theme of your special event according to your taste, style and how you envision it. Most caterers are experts and have wealthy interior or exterior design expertise for special commercial or residential events.

Catering services have party packages. Whether it is the dream wedding we have always wanted, an event for our birthday, or any special occasion, catering services firms have the knack and tools to custom fit and insert a great style as well as elegance to our special day.

There are various offerings of custom designed catering decorations, which have been showcased by many commercial caterers who have them made especially for customers. Many of these offerings come with large inventory or party stuff and knowledgeable personnel, all of which can save us both money and time. Pricing depends on the package that fits our needs, the number of our guests and the date of the event.


If you are thinking about doing catering decorations yourself, you will be shocked with various styles and designs you can apply. It gives us the freedom to skip formality and serve food in a more personalized but spectacular way. To set up and decorate a buffet table in a gathering is not an easy task. It requires knack, knowledge, creativity and skills.

Valuable notes 

Think vertical. You can use dessert servers and tiered cake plates, and put the highest serving dish on the table’s center. Put the cutlery at the end of the table, so the guests are not blocked while they serve themselves.

Etiquette does require certain rules which have some arrangement and shapes of the tables, their design, placement, dishes and appetizers. In a home party, we can avoid the rules and focus more on the convenience with a creatively appealing setup. It should allow the guests to freely move around. 

Whether you have a caterer, or are doing it alone, you can always have a spectacular special day. Check out the following ideas for catering decorations: 

1.     Tables

Though there can be elegant decorations in the head, guest, cake or side table that is either round or long, their primary decoration is still the food, just like the cake is still the star of the cake table. Tables can significantly add to the dining area’s atmosphere, but take note that table decorations should not be overdone. You can set up some more chairs and tables on the side as secondary tables for guests to enjoy their food or have a buffet side for desserts or appetizers.  

2.     Centerpieces  

There are other options like designs for guest table centerpiece, which can be highlighted with fancy table linens, special lightings, chair covers and colorful head table decors.

3.     Fresh flowers 

You can use your favorite flower or the flower of your dreams for your catering decorations, especially if your type of flower is available the whole year round. Most caterers have quality flowers from florists and arrange them in different styles and colors, or you can coordinate with a flower shop in your area if you are doing it yourself. Caterers and florists can offer botanicals as a design choice for considerable savings.

4.     Mirrors, votives and glassware

Many sizes and styles of clear glasses, either bowls or vases, include square or round table mirrors to boost design, along with lovely votives.

5.     Chair covers 

Fabric chair covers come in many color and unique style options. Either they are with sashes or garden chairs, you can pick up the sashes in any of your fabric or color choices to harmonize with the event.  

6.     Specialty linens

Catering decorations with specialty linens or beautiful tablecloths that make up overlays can contribute to making the occasion perfect. The event becomes more memorable if they come up with matching table runners and napkins.

7.     Accessories and card boxes

Make your event more unforgettable for your guests with accessories and card boxes by filling the head and cake table with accessories like bouquet vases, twinkle lights, tulle swags and table banding. You can get several options of gift card boxes at friendly rental rates.